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  Concrete Light  

Where and how does the progress in the concrete art work in the today's time? This is one of many questions Ono Ludwig asks himself to work out his own photographs.

Ono Ludwig the light converter said hereby good-bye to the idea of the photography as an illustration. He understands it as object, as light appearance, the light painting also as recycling or by-product. The mapping of objects or people, as it is essential in the documentary or staged photography, is rejected here and secondarily.

The concrete photos are pure photographs. The images that focus and realize themselves and find their form exclusively in their own, internal-figurative order patterns. These photographs do not want to "make visible", but only "to be visible".

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    Ono Ludwigs »Concrete Light« Image*1

Space Worlds II (c507_09a)

    Ono Ludwigs »Concrete Light« Image*2

Forbidden Red (c535_33)

  Ono Ludwigs »Concrete Light« Image*3

90 Degrees Blue (c536_07)

    Ono Ludwigs »Concrete Light« Image*4

A view of the world order I (c535_37)

    Ono Ludwigs »Concrete Light« Image*5

The Axial Symmetry I (c470_0)

    Ono Ludwigs »Concrete Light« Image*6

Four Truths (c535_17)

  Ono Ludwigs »Concrete Light« Image*7

Each form of colour, is a Cosmos (Hc167_07)

    Ono Ludwigs »Concrete Light« Image*8

The old human desire (c479_07)

    Ono Ludwigs »Concrete Light« Image*9

Vertical Evolvement (c477_26)