Art Laboratory   Ono Ludwig  
  Honours: Awards & Scholarships  
  2017 …   Artist in residence Scholarship, Kunsthof of the Barna von Sartory Foundation, Brüssow  › LINK
  2013 …   Residential & work Scholarship from the City Wertingen  › LINK
  2010 …   Winner of the ›European Sponsorship Award for Photography‹ of the Hoepfner-Foundation  › LINK
  2009 …   Scholarship received of the Werkakademie Leipzig in the ›Master Class
for Photography‹ of Dr. phil. Eva Mahn (former Vicepresident DFA)  › LINK
  In property of public domains and private Collections  
    Friedrich-Hundt-Society e.V., Stadtmuseum, Münster  › LINK
    City Gallery/Artothek Wertingen  › LINK
    Schubert Society, New York/USA  › LINK
    Museum Collection Prinzhorn, Heidelberg  › LINK
    Hoepfner-Foundation, Karlsruhe  › LINK
    Art Association Ludwigshafen a. Rh.  › LINK
    Schwules Museum, Berlin  › LINK
  Solo Exhibition (S) / Group Exhibit (G)  Extract
  2017 …   HANDWERKSFORM »Interieur Innenleben«, Chamber of Trade, Kassel (G)  › LINK
  2016 …   Nomination & Participation »Perron-Art Price 2016«, Section Graphic, Art House Frankenthal (G)  › LINK
  2015 …   Humboldt Carré, »Light and Shadow«, Berlin (S)  › LINK
    Gallery Imago Fotokunst, »The Portrait – Six Views«, Berlin (G)  › LINK  |  › JPG
    Anthroposophic Center, »FREEDOM«, Kassel (G)  › LINK  |  › JPG
    Perm State Art Museum, »The FACE«, Perm/Russia (G)  › LINK
  2014 …   Gallery Pflüger68, 6th European Month of Photography,
»Upheavals and Utopias. The other Europe«, Berlin (S)  › LINK  |  › JPG
    Villa Ichon, »The Face«, Bremen (G)  › LINK
    RELíGIO – Westphalian museum for religious culture, »Body Cults«, Telgte (G)  › LINK  |  › JPG
    Art Museum, »FACE«, Samara/Russia (G)  › LINK
    nGbK, »LOVE AIDS RIOT SEX 2«, Berlin (G)  › LINK  |  › JPG
    Gallery Pflüger68, »OBSCURA: 121 Views«, Berlin (G)  › LINK
  2013 …   Gallery Pflüger68, ›Ghosts & Demons‹, Berlin (S)  › LINK
    Friedrich-Hundt-Society e.V., Stadtmuseum,
Retrospective »ICONS & HEROES«, Münster (S)  › LINK  |  › JPG
    City Hall Gallery, Charlottenburg City Hall, ›HEROES‹, Berlin (S)  › LINK
    City Gallery, Wertingen (G)  › LINK  |  › JPG
    Exhibition of Contemporary Art, KulturTransporter e.V., Nuremberg (G)  › LINK  |  › JPG
    SFA Galleries, »FACE«, Nacogdoches, Texas/USA (G)  › LINK
    Gallery Pflüger68, ›When things are dreaming‹, Berlin (G)  › LINK
    Museum Collection Prinzhorn, »Transformation and role playing«, Heidelberg (G)  › LINK  |  › JPG
  1996 – 2012 …   Gallery Pflüger68, 5th European Month of Photography, »The View of the other One«, Berlin (S)  › LINK
    Society for Abstract Photography, ›Kitchen‹, Trossingen (S)  › LINK
    Gallery Imago Fotokunst, Berlin (S)  › LINK  |  › JPG
    Arts Center, »Bachstreams«, Arnstadt (G)  › LINK
    Stadtmuseum, City Gallery sohle 1, »On the wall the desk is a picture«, Bergkamen (G)  › LINK
    Arezzo&Fotografia 2012, »FACE«, Arezzo/Italy (G)  › LINK
    Kunsthalle Lindenthal, Art Association 68elf e.V., »Family Humans 2012«, Cologne  (G) › LINK
    HAUS am KLEISTPARK, 10th Art Award 2012, »Constellations«, Berlin (G)  › LINK  |  › JPG
    Art Association Paderborn e.V., »EXPERIMENTA 3« (G)  › LINK  |  › JPG
    Biennal »IDENTITY 2012« International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Krakow/Poland (G)  › LINK
    Manometer Gallery, »FACE«, Moscow/Russia (G)
    Eumeria Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo/Japan (G)  › LINK
    ROSPHOTO Museum Exhibition Center, Saint Petersburg/Russia (G)  › LINK
    AUP Fine Arts Gallery, Paris/France (G)  › LINK
    City Gallery sohle 1, Bergkamen (G)  › LINK
    Kunsthalle Messmer, Riegel am Kaiserstuhl (G)  › LINK  |  › JPG
    Metenkov Museum of Photography, Yekaterinburg/Rus. (G)  › LINK
    Museum of Arts, Chelyabinsk/Rus. (G)  › LINK
    Roba Gallery, Omsk/Rus. (G)
    Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk/Rus. (G)  › LINK
    Siberian Center of Contemporary Art, Novosibirsk/Rus. (G)  › LINK
    Hoepfner-Foundation, Karlsruhe (G)  › LINK
    7th Berlin Art Salon for Contemporary Art (G)  › LINK
    Zollverein, »contemporary art ruhr 10«, Essen - european Capital of Culture 2010 (G)  › LINK
    KunstWerk Lippe, Burg Horn (G)  › LINK
    Gallery at the Tapetenwerk, Leipzig (G)  › LINK  |  › JPG
    Art Association Jesteburg (G)  › LINK
    OST Gallery, Moscow/Rus. (G)  › LINK
    Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum, Hilden (G)  › LINK
    Zollverein, »contemporary art ruhr 08«, Essen (G)  › LINK
    5th Photo Days of Wiesbaden (G)  › LINK
    10th FotoFestival, Naarden/Netherlands (G)  › LINK
    Museum Münsterland, Telgte (G)  › LINK
    Zollverein, »ArtSquares 06«, Essen (G)  › LINK
    Art and Culture Association LINDA, Hamburg (G)  › LINK
Federal Chamber of Architects, Berlin (G)  › LINK Artist Enlarge Image
ARTEFAKT Cultural Concepts, Berlin (G)  › LINK
Federal Foreign Office of Germany, Berlin (G)  › LINK
House of Artists Bethanien, Berlin (G)  › LINK
KPM Quarters, Investitionsbank, Berlin (G)  › LINK